Contactless Menu.

A  dynamic menu with a QR code structure so your customer can feel safe when coming to your restaurant. Offer a no contact need it solution so your customer can look their options to make their order.

Our service include:

  1. First Time Menu creation
  2. Continuous menu update without any extra charge
  3. Not update limitation
  4. Multiple Menu Available

No Contracts

Our policy is not to lock our customer with contract. We trust in what we do so there is not need to make written commitment to our customers.

100% Money Back Guarantee

30 days money back guaranteed. If you do not feel we are doing the right job we are open to give back any money already paid for the services requested.

Online Support 24/7

We provide 24/7 support to all our customers. Email, Chat are always open to have a direct communication with our support team.

Frequently Ask Questions?

Do I have to create and update my menu?

Our support team will be providing our restaurant partners a unlimited menu update and first time menu creation service. Leave everything on us.

Do I need you have a website?

No. Our contactless menu platform is a independent service that can be integrated in any website or mobile app you already have.

Can I add multiple Menus ?

Yes. You can have unlimited menu associated with your Contacless Menu configuration. So customer can view all menu you offer in your restaurant like Dinner, Lunch, Dessert, Drink, Etc.